My name is ‘Anaseini Katoa, pronounced ah-nuh-say-nee kuh-tow-uh :)

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where I attended Saint Francis High School and San Jose State University. Growing up, I shared my summers between the South Pacific islands of my ancestors and my cousins’ houses in the bay and that’s when all the magic would happen. I remember sitting next to my aunts and grandmothers as they would retell ancient legends or give super animated retellings of a pretty basic day. Whatever it was, I remember they always had the best stories and it fueled my imagination. My love of storytelling grew from listening to them and now I get to craft my own storytelling through acting.

Currently, I hold a B.A. in Theater Arts, I study voice at the Vocal Workout School with Ilana Martin, I live in NYC and am signed to SW Artists. I have lots of experience speaking verse and absolutely enjoy Shakespeare. I love the ocean, singing, and bread.